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Are you looking for a dependable courier service in Vancouver? Your search ends here with Swyft Courier, your trusted partner for efficient and reliable courier services in the vibrant city of Vancouver, Canada. Our skilled team and cutting-edge tracking systems ensure your parcels arrive safely and on time. Whether it’s same-day, next-day, or specialized deliveries for delicate items, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your requirements.

Pricing as low as $8 per delivery**

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Disha Patel
Disha Patel
It's a quite good located place. Just have to take skytrain to stadium-Chinatown station from there 23-english bay bus just ride one stop and walk 3 mins.
mark guo
mark guo
Swyft responded in a fast and efficient manner for my delivery to surrey. Pricing was more than fair. Very professional. Would recommend to everyone to try.
Diu Michael
Diu Michael
Swyft delivers gift baskets for me. They were extremely professional, cooperative and on time. Much better service than the couriers I used before. Definitely a strong recommend.
Hardy Z
Hardy Z
Lucas Wu
Lucas Wu
Best service, convenient and fast
needed some flowers delivery for my wife. called swyft for the delivery and they did it very quickly. awesome service strongly recommended
Brandon Rim
Brandon Rim
They kindly responded to my inquiries, even for challenging requests, through multiple phone calls. It's a top-notch service provider. Highly recommend.
Needed a courier for some the photos I did for a client. Their system was easy to use and price was fair. Unfortunately they can’t promise a pick up time
Tim Wan
Tim Wan
Swyft did some deliveries for me. They were quick and responsive. Extremely professional as well Will use them for courier services again

Who is
Swyft Courier?

Swyft Courier, based in Vancouver, is a local courier service company dedicated to setting the standard for exceptional courier delivery businesses. With a focus on simplicity, affordability, and unwavering reliability, we have become a trusted partner for businesses and individuals across the Lower Mainland. Our company’s commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly platform distinguishes us in the competitive delivery landscape, allowing customers to effortlessly place orders, track shipments in real time, and manage all their delivery needs conveniently. 

Beyond efficiency, we place a premium on customer satisfaction, ensuring that each parcel, whether for a small bakery or a corporate giant, is handled with precision and care. With glowing testimonials and a reputation built on positive feedback, we stand as a beacon of trust, delivering not just parcels but an experience that reflects its dedication to excellence in every delivery it undertakes.

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How It Works

courier service in vancouver
Embrace the leading edge without stress! As businesses vary in their needs and delivery demands fluctuate, Swyft Couriers offers a personalized approach to pricing that caters to your unique requirements, whether it’s for corporate deliveries or personal delivery needs. Count on us to work collaboratively, ensuring a pricing structure that perfectly suits your business and personal delivery preferences.” Continue Reading…
courier service in vancouver

An Overview of Our Courier Services

Discover our comprehensive range of delivery services tailored to meet your diverse needs. From same-day solutions to specialized handling, we ensure reliable and secure deliveries for your parcels across Vancouver.

same day courier in vancouver

Our same day courier in Vancouver is dedicated to addressing immediate needs. Whether it’s crucial business documents, time-sensitive medical supplies, or last-minute gifts, our team prioritizes swift pickups and direct, expedited deliveries within Vancouver. Urgency is met with efficiency, ensuring prompt solutions for your most pressing delivery requirements.

Opting for our next-day service ensures timely and secure transportation for less urgent deliveries. Maintaining our commitment to efficiency, we ensure that parcels reach their intended destinations promptly without compromising safety or reliability. We prioritize seamless and dependable deliveries, even with slightly longer time frames.

Beyond standard deliveries, we offer specialized services to address unique needs. Fragile items, confidential documents, or high-value packages requiring extra care are handled with precision and expertise. Our tailored approach guarantees meticulous handling and secure transport, meeting distinct and specialized delivery requirements with utmost care.

Our cutting-edge tracking system provides real-time updates on your parcel’s journey. Clients can effortlessly monitor progress from pickup to delivery, ensuring transparency and offering peace of mind throughout the transportation process. This level of transparency and real-time tracking reinforces trust and reliability in our service.

Our service excellence is attributed to our experienced and dedicated staff. Trained professionals handle parcels with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring each delivery is executed safely, efficiently, and punctually. Our staff’s expertise and commitment ensure a consistent level of reliable service.

High-quality service shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. We believe in providing cost-effective solutions, ensuring that you don’t have to break the bank to get your parcels delivered. Our transparent pricing plans make us the best courier service in Vancouver which is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Recognizing the diversity of delivery requirements, we also offer personalized solutions tailored to individual needs. By closely collaborating with clients, we develop customized delivery plans, addressing specific needs effectively and efficiently. Our personalized approach guarantees solutions that align perfectly with each client’s unique requirements.

Client convenience is at the core of our service ethos. We provide various delivery options and flexible scheduling, seamlessly accommodating diverse needs. Our goal is to make the delivery process hassle-free and convenient, ensuring a smooth experience for our clients.

Safety remains our foremost priority throughout the delivery process. We maintain stringent standards to handle parcels securely during transit. From pickup to drop-off, every precaution is taken to ensure utmost care and security, guaranteeing safe deliveries with unwavering reliability.

Exceeding customer expectations is our primary objective. We are dedicated to over delivering compared to other courier companies in Vancouver, providing reliable, efficient, and a customer-centric approach. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure the utmost satisfaction for every client, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.

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How Our Advanced Tracking System Works

We understand the significance of transparency, efficiency, and real-time information in the Vancouver courier service industry. That’s why we’ve invested in an advanced tracking system that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring our clients have complete visibility into the journey of their parcels. Our commitment to providing a reliable and efficient service is exemplified by the cutting-edge technology that powers our tracking system.

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Real-Time Parcel Tracking

Our commitment to transparency begins with real-time parcel tracking. From the very moment your parcel is picked up, our advanced tracking system allows you to follow its journey through every stage until it reaches its final destination. The real-time tracking feature provides accuracy and peace of mind, giving you instant updates on the whereabouts of your parcel. Whether it's a crucial business document or a time-sensitive package, you're always informed, ensuring you stay in control.

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Updates via Email or SMS

Keeping you informed is at the heart of our service. Our system takes the hassle out of tracking by sending automated updates directly to your preferred communication channel – be it your email inbox or mobile device via SMS. These updates include essential details such as the time of pickup, expected delivery time, and even the name of the person who signed for the parcel upon delivery. This automated communication ensures that you're consistently in the loop, allowing you to plan accordingly and eliminating any uncertainties about the status of your shipment.

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GPS Technology for Route Optimization

We don't just deliver parcels; we do it with precision and efficiency. Leveraging cutting-edge GPS tracking technology, we monitor the real-time location of our drivers. This not only aids in optimizing delivery routes for speed but also ensures that your parcel follows the most efficient and timely path to its destination. The combination of advanced technology and strategic planning is our secret to delivering your parcels as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest standards of reliability.

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Seamless Integration with Operations

Our commitment to accuracy and reliability extends to the seamless integration of our tracking system into our day-to-day operations. This integration is not just a feature; it's a cornerstone of our service excellence. It empowers us to monitor and manage all deliveries, allowing us to address any challenges proactively and ensure that your parcels are handled with the utmost care. This level of integration plays a pivotal role in our ability to provide top-notch services consistently.

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User-Friendly Interface

Accessibility is key, and our user-friendly interface ensures that our advanced tracking system is easy to navigate for clients of all sizes. Whether you represent a small business or a large corporation, tracking your parcels and accessing crucial information is just a few clicks away. We believe in making technology work for you, ensuring that the power of our tracking system is at your fingertips, providing the information you need with efficiency and simplicity.

Benefits Of Our Advanced Tracking System

Our advanced tracking system is not just a technological feature; it’s a comprehensive approach to providing you with a seamless and customer-centric experience. From convenience and peace of mind to accurate information and efficient issue resolution, every aspect is meticulously designed to exceed your expectations.

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Why Choose Swyft Courier?

courier service in vancouver

When it comes to the local delivery challenges facing small businesses, we’ve learned a lot from working with hundreds of local businesses across the Lower Mainland.

There is immense pressure on companies of all sizes to be able to compete with Amazon’s standard for two-day delivery and consumers’ rising expectations for convenience.


Shoppers expect retailers to offer delivery, and if those customers can’t get their orders fast enough (or at a price that they find reasonable), many customers will go somewhere else.

Did you know that more than half of online shoppers don’t want to wait two days for fast shipping? Or that 55% of online shoppers abandon their carts if delivery is too expensive?

Our Customized Solutions
For Sensitive Items

When it comes to transporting delicate and sensitive items, we stand out as your trusted partner, offering specialized services designed to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your most precious shipments. From medical supplies and artwork to electronics and other fragile goods, our team of trained professionals is equipped to handle these items with the utmost care and precision.

Sensitive items demand a level of expertise beyond standard delivery services. We understand this, and that’s why our team consists of trained professionals with extensive experience in handling delicate shipments. They undergo specialized training to guarantee that your items are treated with the care and attention they deserve. From the moment they are picked up to the final delivery, your sensitive items are in the hands of experts.

We recognize that each sensitive item is unique, requiring specific packaging solutions to ensure its safety during transit. We go above and beyond by providing customized packaging solutions tailored to the nature of your items. Whether it’s medical supplies that require temperature control or fragile artwork needing extra cushioning, our specialized packaging materials, including bubble wrap, foam inserts, and custom crates, are employed to safeguard your items throughout the journey.

Certain sensitive items, such as medical supplies or temperature-sensitive electronics, require transportation under precise environmental conditions. We are equipped with vehicles featuring refrigeration units, ensuring that your items are transported at the optimal temperature. This commitment to temperature-controlled transport adds an extra layer of protection, especially for items where temperature stability is critical.

Our specialized services extend beyond fragility to encompass oversized or overweight items. Swyft Courier has the expertise, equipment, and logistical capabilities to handle items that require crane, hoist, or liftgate services. This ensures that even the bulkiest and heaviest of items are managed with the same level of care and attention as smaller, more delicate shipments.

Fast and Reliable Courier in Vancouver
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Concerned about the whereabouts and condition of your sensitive items? Our advanced tracking system, designed for real-time monitoring, is in place to provide you with peace of mind. From pickup to delivery, you can track your items at every step, receiving regular updates via email or SMS. This transparency in the delivery process ensures that you remain well-informed and in control throughout transporting your sensitive items.

We adhere to industry regulations and standards, especially when handling sensitive items. Whether it’s medical supplies requiring compliance with health and safety regulations or artwork with specific handling requirements, our team is well-versed in ensuring that your shipments meet all necessary guidelines.

Have specific instructions or concerns about the transportation of your sensitive items? Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you. Feel free to communicate directly through our user-friendly interface or contact our support hotline for personalized assistance. We are committed to addressing your queries promptly and ensuring that your specific needs are met.


What People Say About Our Courier

Matthew Oh Sweet Day! BakeShop
Read More
Oh Sweet Day! Bake Shop, we want our delicate products to be delivered to our customer safely and on time. We trust Swyft Courier to do just that. The Swyft Courier team is easy to work with and is adaptive to different situations. Highly recommended.
HenryGranville Island Florist
Read More
Swyft Courier are a courteous, efficient and professional company that would be an asset to any business looking for the services that they provide. We have been extremely happy using them for all our business needs and will continue using them into the foreseeable future.
Faoiltiarna Keenan
Faoiltiarna KeenanOffice Coordinator - Kabam Games Inc.
Read More
"Our company use Swyft courier for our deliveries. Their service is exceptional, and we trust them with our deliveries. It has been great working with them for the past years."
Fumie and Bowie
Fumie and Bowie eF & Be Bakehouse
Read More
As small business owners, we rely on getting our products to our customers as efficiently and affordably as possible. We fully rely on Swyft Courier to handle all of our deliveries. Not only do they ensure our customers receive their freshly baked goods first thing in the morning, they save us so much time and hassle so we can focus on the parts of our job that we love the most!
ElizaFleur D'epargne
Read More
We have been using Swyft Courier for our floral delivery services for our businesses for years now and we cannot be any happier with their service. Dennis, the owner is very attentive and provides excellent service. They are always available when needed and handles every delivery with professional care.
ShomailaMagnolia Gift Boxes
Read More
Over the past three years, my experience with Swyft Courier has been nothing short of exceptional. What sets Swyft Courier apart is their unwavering reliability. In the fast-paced world of deliveries, it's a comfort to know that Swyft consistently delivers on time and with precision. I've entrusted them with countless packages and they've never failed to meet expectations.

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How to Connect with
Swyft Courier

If you need to get in touch with us, you can use the following contact information. Feel free to reach out through your preferred channel, and our team will be delighted to assist you with any inquiries, concerns, or delivery needs you may have.

Customer Service Hotline (Available 24/7)

For instant assistance, our dedicated customer service hotline is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 778-251-5771 to engage with our friendly and knowledgeable representatives. Whether you’re seeking information about our range of services, require help tracking a shipment, or have specific delivery specifications, our team is poised to assist you promptly and efficiently.

Visit Our Physical Location

For those who prefer a face-to-face interaction or have intricate inquiries, our doors are open for you. We are conveniently situated at 1009 Expo Blvd, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6Z 2V9. Step into our physical location, where our team eagerly awaits to welcome you and provide personalized assistance tailored to meet your unique delivery needs.

Online Booking and Support

Open your web browser and go to the Swyft Courier website by entering into the address bar. Look for a “Book a Courier” or “Request Business Rates” section on the website’s homepage or navigation menu. Create an account or log in before making a booking. Click on the relevant link to initiate the booking process. Follow the prompts to enter the details of your shipment, including the pickup and delivery addresses, package dimensions, and any additional requirements.

Embrace the convenience of our user-friendly online platform designed for seamless interaction. Utilize it to book a courier in Vancouver, track shipments in real-time, and efficiently manage all your deliveries with just a few clicks. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of streamlining your delivery needs online.

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Email Communication

Recognizing that some inquiries demand a more detailed and written approach, connect with us via email at  Our responsive team consistently monitors this dedicated email address, ensuring a swift and comprehensive response to address your queries, furnish information, or cater to any specialized requests you may have.

After-Hours Support

Recognizing the unpredictability of delivery needs, we extend our support beyond regular business hours. In case of urgent matters or if you require assistance after hours, refer to our Contact Page for detailed instructions on reaching us during non-business hours. Your peace of mind is our priority, no matter the time.

The Difference

Swyft Courier stands as the epitome of excellence in the realm of courier service in Vancouver. Our commitment to simplicity, affordability, and unwavering reliability positions us as a trusted partner for businesses and individuals alike. The advanced tracking system, cutting-edge technology, and personalized solutions exemplify our dedication to exceeding customer expectations. From same-day deliveries to the secure transport of sensitive items, we go beyond conventional courier services, delivering not only parcels but also an unparalleled experience marked by transparency, efficiency, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Contact us for a seamless, secure, and customer-centric journey for all your delivery needs in Vancouver and experience the difference our commitment to excellence can make.

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